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Sunday, October 8th

Monday, October 9th

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Networking breakfast
Master of Ceremony calls guests to the conference room

MC: Jane Witherspoon, Bureau Chief Middle East at Euronews

Quick story of WOW

Speaker: Gustavo Antonio Montero, Co-Founder at Carter Capital

OPENING KEYNOTE: Embracing Financial Empowerment

Speaker: Nick Spanos, Bitcoin Pioneer

Opening Panel: Fostering Collaboration and Synergy: The Future of Web3 in the UAE
  • Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO at Dubai Blockchain Centre
  • Prof. Hoda Alkhzaimi, Director at EMARATSEC, Co-chair at the WEF global future council, Director for Center at Cyber Security New York University AD
  • Christian Gleich, Ambassador of the European Blockchain Association
  • Nameer Khan, Founder of FILS & Chairman MENA Fintech Association

Moderator: Ersoy Erkazanci, TV Presenter, BloombergHT

KEYNOTE: MegaTrends Impacting the New Economy & Human’s Importance

Speaker: Sam Katiela, Founder & CEO at Mamemo and Chairman at Crypto Valley Partners

Location: Opal Deal Room
Workshop Pain Points of Blockchain Adoption – A View from Dubai

Lead by: The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

FIRESIDE-CHAT: Ushering Payments, FX & Aid in an Era of Web3 Utility
  • Miriam Kiwan, Vice President, MENA at Circle, Co-Chair – Digital Assets, MENA Fintech Association

Moderator: Sunil Sharma, CEO at CoinGape

Panel: Fintech Unicorns in the UAE: Igniting the Potential for Growth
  • Jiten Varu, Head of Web3 at AWS
  • Mohamed Issa, Regional Director at Chainanalysis
  • Rajat Sakhuja, Blockchain and Digital Assets at Mastercard

Moderator: Igor Bershadskiy, Director of Business Development and Partnership at Hacken

FIRESIDE-CHAT: Dubai the next AI Hub
  • Mohammad Alblooshi, Chief Executive Officer at the DIFC Innovation Hub

Moderator: Saqr Ereiqat, Co-Founder at Crypto Oasis

Sheikh’s visit
FIRESIDE-CHAT: Web3 Trends & Hubs: Dubai and Hong Kong Perspectives
  • Yat Siu,  Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands

Moderator: Ivan Ivanov, Global CEO at WOW

Keynote: Decentralization of Web2 Gaming

Speaker: Ilman Shazhaev, Founder & CEO at Farcana

Location: Opal Deal Room
Web3 Startup Performance Coaching Masterclass

Lead by: Patrick Pilati, Axiom Capital

Panel: Expanding Revenue Opportunities for Digital Wallets & Payment Providers
  • Lennix Lai, Global Chief Commercial Officer at OKX
  • Talal Tabbaa, CEO at CoinMENA
  • Eowyn Chen, CEO at Trust Wallet
  • Jeff Zhao, Co-founder & COO at Darwinbit

Moderator: Bradley Allgood, CEO & Co-Founder at Fluent Finance

Keynote: Resolving as a new standard for cross-chain based on Zk light clients

Speaker: Tigran Bolshoi, Co-Founder  at Kinetex Network

Panel: Delving into the Foundational Equity Investment Landscape
  • Sachin Jain, CEO at Amesten Capital
  • Kevin R. Soltani, Founder of GIMA Group and GIMA Labs
  • Oliver von Wolff, Founder & CEO of Helion Capital
  • Vadim Krekotin, Founding Partner at Cryptomeria Capital

Moderator: Alex Belov, Founder of Coinstelegram & Journalist at Forbes

Panel: Blockchain Startup Ecosystem Building Use-Cases
  • Kyle Chasse, CEO at Master Ventures
  • Vadim Nikiforov, Co-CEO at Merkeleon
  • Mansoor Madhavji, Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Adrian Niculescu, CEO at TOMMORROWerse Capital

Moderator: Catherine Ross-Mychka, Editor & Chief at

Panel: An Exclusive Opinion on Real World Assets on Blockchain
  • Alex Davis, Founder at Mavryk
  • Babacar N Seck, Founder & CEO at Petale
  • Alex Nascimento, Founding Partner at 7CC Blockchain Investments & 7Visions LATAM Digital
  • Scott Thiel, Founder & CEO at TOKO by DLA Piper
  • Ismail Tekin, Founding Partner at World Impact Forum

Moderator: Elias Ahonen, Journalist at Cointelegraph

WOW SUMMIT Gala Dinner

Only VIP ticket holders and speakers are admitted to the Gala Dinner.

Networking breakfast
KEYNOTE: Building Blockchain Companies in an AI World

Speaker:  Michael Terpin, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Panel: Exploring the Fusion of AI, Metaverse, Gaming, Fashion and NFTs
  • Dr Jane Thomason, Emeritus Chair at World Metaverse Council
  • Melanie Mohr, Co-founder & CEO at PWR Labs
  • Naama O. Pozniak, Founder & CEO at Paz Holding & RightPlan
  • Alena Yudina, Founder at EmTech Metaverse

Moderator: Maria Xenofontos, CEO at Femic

Keynote: The Triumph of Technomics over Technology: Practitioner Use Cases & Convergence Blueprints

Speaker: Gurvinder Ahluwalia, Founder & CEO at Digital Twin Labs

Panel: Global Strategies for Amplifying Revenue: Unlocking the Potential of Corporate Blockchain Providers
  • Brett Hornung, Web3 Lead at Accenture
  • Ioana Surpateanu, Board Member, Co-Founder, Adviser at CryptoUK
  • Joy John, AI Services Specialist, EMEA, Oracle
  • Cindy Amar, Managing Partner at Glass Ventures.

Moderator: Julia Motorina, Recruiting Team Lead at BeInCrypto

KEYNOTE: How Assets-Backed Crypto is Revolutionizing Investment Opportunities

Speaker: Julian Sperring-Toy, Chief Development Officer at Unicoin

KEYNOTE: AI, Blockchain, Metaverse and Tokens – Our Future at the Crossroads

Speaker: Christian Gleich, Ambassador at European Blockchain Association

Panel: Early-Stage Funding Opportunities in Web3 Project Incubation and Acceleration
  • Mehmet Buyukakarsu, Business Development Manager at BNB Chain
  • Islam Shazhaev, CBDO at Farcana
  • Cristina Najera, Community at Algorand and Director at Startup Grind Dubai
  • Mihaela Apostol, Solicitor at ArbTech

Moderator: Karnika E. Yashwant, Founder at KEY Difference (Accelerator & VC) & Co-Founder at Forward Protocol

Panel: Current State of Decentralised Media
  • Egor Plotnikov, Head of Operations at DCM Swiss
  • Paul Wallis, Director of Growth at Epsilon
  • Tuhu Nugraha, Principal, Indonesia Applied Digital Economy & Regulatory Network (IADERN)
  • Ezra Reguerra, Journalist at Cointelegraph;

Moderator: Joeri Billast, Founder at Efficado

Location: Opal Deal Room
Startup Pitch Competition. Finals

Top rated startups can be found here

Panel: Advancements in Web3 Protocols: Pioneering the Path to Innovation and Progress
  • Andrii Velykyy, Co-Founder at Allbridge
  • Pekka Kelkka, Web3 Educator and Advisor & Founder at Papa Blockchain
  • Shuayo Kong, Business Development Manager at ConsenSys
  • Arpit Sharma, Managing Director for India, South East Asia and the Middle East, at NEAR Foundation

Moderator: Amit Joshi, Founder & CEO at HashPrix

FireSide Chat: Venturing into the World of Prediction Markets
  • Marat Salimov, Co-Founder & CEO at P2P Labs

Moderator: Mary Pedler, Founder of INPUT Communications

Startup Competition. Winner announcements by Market Making PRO
Panel: Session on the Results of the Startup Competition
  • Marc Schwyn, Founder at Cyrator
  • Mehdi Farooq, Senior Tokenomics Analyst at Animoca Brands & Host of Open Metaverse Podcast
  • Mansoor Madhavji, Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Kevin R. Soltani, Founder of GIMA Group and GIMA Labs 

Moderator: Alena Yudina, Founder and CEO at Quantum Leap Strategy

Influencer’s Hour: “Ask me Anything”

Moderator: Matthias Mende, Founder at Bonuz & Co-Founder at Dubai Blockchain Center

Closing Words

Speaker: Jane Witherspoon, Bureau Chief Middle East, Euronews

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